Publishing with Yankee Cowboy Press is simple. We will proofread, format, and submit your manuscript to Amazon for printing and listing, along with Barnes and Noble and KOBO if desired. We will also set up an author’s platform. The AUTHOR RECEIVES 100% of all royalties and income. You pay only for the services you need. Have a cover? Great, send it along with your manuscript. Don’t have one? We can design one for you.

The basic costs cover editing, formatting, set up. listing your book on the Yankee Cowboy Press website, and arranging your platform on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and KOBO. Actual fees depend on the length of the book. Fees for cover design will be based on actual work performed to create a cover which will grab the reader’s attention.

We at Yankee Cowboy Press are authors ourselves. We are not marketers. The success of your book will depend upon how much effort you,. the author, put into marketing your work. We will get your book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and KOBO, and on our website. After paying for our services, you collect 100% of ALL royalties. This avoids bookkeeping issues, delays in payment, and the necessity of filing a 1099 form. As per standard industry practice, you, the author, will be responsible for payment of all federal, state, and local income taxes. Since you will be receiving all revenue from your sales, we will not keep track of the income, nor will we issue end of year tax statements.

For your manuscript to be considered, send a synopsis and first chapter to We will evaluate your sample. If accepted, we will require a clean, well-written and proofed manuscript. Any manuscript with excessive errors in grammar, punctuation, or typographic errors will be returned for revision by the author.